Site updates and guest blogs

Well, Fall is undoubtedly upon us. Rather than lamenting the Summer, I am inspired by Fall and the new opportunities it brings. One of those is the chance to update my site, which is long overdue. In the next few weeks, there’ll be some changes made — thanks to my wife being home on maternity leave! In addition to the facelift, I will also be providing more blogs and most notably, guest blogs. I have invited some of my peers around the trombone world to offer their insights on various topics, from Art Song performance, to military bands vs. orchestras, to the diversification of one’s musical livelihood.

I would also like to add more testimonials from those who have suffered from Bell’s Palsy, so if you are one of those people (or know one), please let me know if you would like to contribute. This is the most popular section of my site, and I often receive feedback of how helpful and inspiration these testimonials can be.

Please return often to see what’s new!

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