Keep the ball rolling

As we enter 2014, I can’t help but reflect on some of the successes and memories of 2013, most notably surrounding the continued popularity of the Ewazen “Triple Concerto”.  Two weeks ago, my BPO trombone colleagues and I were featured at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago with the Brooklyn Wind Symphony, under the direction of Jeff Ball.  This was the premiere of the wind band version of the Triple Concerto, though to be precise, it was only the premiere of the 3rd movement, due to stringent Midwest time regulations.  This Brooklyn group is enthusiastic, welcoming, pioneering, and dedicated.  I expect to see the BKWS as the model for more ensembles of this nature popping up around the country, as many talented musicians who are not full-time performers are looking for challenging and enriching opportunities that for the most part, simply do not exist.  

Anyway, it was a thrill to premiere Virginia Allen’s arrangement at such a huge event.  While there is much behind-the-scenes talk between all parties involved, I am confident that an entire Concerto performance with the BKWS is in the future.  There are also more exciting new opportunities for this version of the piece, though I’ll wait until those are a reality before posting about it here.

Perhaps the most exciting news is that we are going to China!  Jonathan, Jeff, and myself have been officially invited to perform the Triple Concerto with the Shenzhen Symphony of China in January 2015.  This will mark the first international appearance of the piece, though I must admit another opportunity is in the works that may happen before 2015.  More on that later…

If you actually take the time to read these posts, I want to wish you a productive, healthy, and happy 2014.  Thanks for visiting my site!

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