Up, Up and Ewazen

My colleagues in the BPO trombone section and I recently returned from an inspirational trip to Interlochen, MI, where we performed the Ewazen “Triple Concerto” with the Interlochen World Youth Orchestra (WYO).  The enthusiasm, talent, curiosity, and playing of these students completely blew all our minds from the first rehearsal.  We knew we were in for a good time while warming up for the first rehearsal, when a violinist walked in and said, “This trombone concerto is so cool.  I’m going to remember this forever!”  Would you ever imagine a violinist saying something like that about a trombone concerto?!?!

We greatly enjoyed the time spent with not only the students, but Tom Riccobono, Mark Lusk, and the rest of the brass faculty.  There are some fantastically special things happening up in Northern Michigan where these students are completely submersed in art and music.  Getting some face-time with our Music Director, JoAnn Falletta, her husband Robert, and composer Eric Ewazen was also thoroughly enjoyable.  As trombonists, it’s rare to have this kind of interaction with the people ‘up front’, and I for one cherished it.  Eric and JoAnn in particular are movers and shakers, so naturally many of our conversations were about further promotion of this wonderful piece.  I look forward to announcing more performances once they are set.  

On that note, I can finally announce that we will be premiering the wind band version of the “Triple Concerto” at this year’s Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL.  Eric is doing the arrangement himself, and the group we will be featured with is the Brooklyn Wind Symphony.  The BWS and their director, Jeff Ball, are doing some incredible things, especially for only being in existence 2-3 years.  The group is almost entirely amateur musicians, band directors, and pre-professionals, and is tackling some serious repertoire that would scare away most top college bands!  I am very excited to be collaborating with this ensemble, and hope to bring the “Triple Concerto” to their home in Brooklyn very soon.


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